Exclusive: Netflix's Gypsy Trailer Is The Sexiest Thing You'll See All Day

Photo: Alison Cohen Rosa/Netflix.
Everyone may be freaking out over the imminent return of Orange Is The New Black, but there’s an entirely different Netflix series you’re going to be obsessed with this month. That show is Naomi Watts’ Gypsy and it’s basically the sexiest thing to hit the streaming site in history. The upcoming psychological thriller follows a cunning Manhattan therapist named Jean Halloway (Watts), who descends into illicit relationships with the people in her patients’ lives. The original teaser for Gypsy hinted just how crazy the drama would be, and now we’re here to debut the full-length trailer, which takes things so much further.
The nearly two-minute video proves we are in for a wild, wild ride as Jean’s seemingly perfect reality is ripped apart by her most forbidden desires. And we shouldn't be surprised, as Gypsy is directed by the woman who first bought sexy bad boy Christian Grey to the big screen, 50 Shades Of Grey helmer Sam Taylor-Johnson.
Within the first few seconds of the trailer, it’s clear the therapist is turned on by hearing about the individuals populating her patients’ world. Jean asks one man to talk to her like she's his apparent ex-girlfriend and seductively touches a pen to her lips as he speaks. But, she’s pulled back to her cookie cutter lifestyle by her husband Michael (Billy Crudup) and their adorable daughter Dolly (Maren Heary). Jean is the kind of woman who holds hands with her little girl, still eats family meals at the kitchen table, and has sex with her husband. She couldn’t have an entire secret life, right? Wrong.
The trailer shows Jean stalking her cute patient Sam (Karl Glusman), who’s kissing a mystery woman. Seconds later, the therapist has managed to track the beautiful brunette down and is also kissing her. Soon enough Jean is admitting she doesn't know which of her double lives is the real one. From there, things only spiral out of control with enough tears, sex scenes, and a yelling Billy Crudup to prepare fans to keep pressing “Next Episode” when Gypsy premieres on Friday, June 30. For a taste of all the Naomi Watts madness, watched the trailer now — and be happy your therapist isn't named Jean Halloway.
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