TLC Still Has No Use For Scrubs

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If there's one piece of dating advice you should take from girl groups of the '90s, it's to avoid scrubs at any cost.
But hey, it's 2017 — surely TLC has gotten a little less strict with this "no scrubs" policy, right?
Nope. Not even close.
As the ladies of TLC taught us, a "scrub" — also known as "a buster" — is a guy who thinks he's fine, but spends most of his time sitting around on his broke ass. If you know what's good for you, you will avoid their numbers, you won't give them yours, and you definitely won't allow one to waste none of your time. Apparently all of this still rings true today, 18 years after the single was released.
The group behind "Unpretty" — the feminist anthem our generation still needs — was asked by comedian Paul F. Tompkins whether TLC had chilled on their disdain for scrubs since their song was released in 1999. According to the group's official Twitter account, scrubs are still on their collective "Do Not Do" list. Like, duh.
"Does anyone know if TLC has relaxed its policy on scrubs?," asked Tompkins, to which the band replied:
"@PFTompkins hell no!"
A fan on Twitter followed up, asking the band:
"Thank you for the clarification. Are we still keeping terminology/status of them being busters, always talking about what they want, etc"
The status quo remains, replied TLC:
"absolutely....thinks he's fly, sits on his broke ass, etc."
While fans should still abide by TLC's guide to dating (or, rather, guide to who one should not be dating), we'll hopefully getting new advice from the girl group relatively soon. TLC is reportedly dropping a new album in 2017, which the group — minus Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, who tragically died in 2002 — raised money for on Kickstarter.
Clearly people are ready to hear more from TLC. Now, can we get a track about what to do about gross dudes on Tinder?

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