The Drop: Exclusive Music Video Premiere For Dagny's "Wearing Nothing"

Photo: Piper Ferguson.
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Dagny stresses that she has no problem with getting naked, but when it comes to her new song, "Wearing Nothing," things aren't quite so literal. The music video, shared exclusively on Refinery29, instead explores what the Norwegian singer calls "being bare with someone," and the knack human relationships have for falling in and out of sync.
The first thing you'll notice about the video, however, are the colors.
"I think we very quickly decided we wanted this Wes Anderson inspired thing," she told Refinery29. "It would have been such an easy thing to do like 'Oh, we have a song called Wearing Nothing, Dagny, let’s get undressed.' I just didn’t have that vision, I guess."
Instead, she opted for the vintage fashion and decor she gravitates towards in her everyday life, and this personal touch extends to her dance moves. The entire video, which features Dagny opposite two male subjects, is choreographed to represent the way our movements can be so perfectly in sync with another person — as well as how they can fall apart.
"I guess it’s something in my head I’ve always imagined, this amazing La La Land meets, like, an old Fred Astaire movie or something," she explained. In turn, these movements tell a story, specifically, "this idea of you’re in sync with someone and then as time goes by you fall out of sync and you have this moment of alone and then you meet someone else and you’re in sync."
It's not about one relationship versus another, but rather the cycle of relationships — with others and ourselves — that is constantly turning.
"You’re with someone and then you’re totally in sync and everything is great and then time passes on and runs its course and you come to an end," she explains. "But then by then meeting someone new that doesn’t necessarily diminish what you had."
Instead, Dagny prefers to focus on self-growth. It's reflective and sometimes sad but, above all, fun.
As for what's next, Dagny will be performing at Mercury Lounge in New York City on June 27 (tickets here) to celebrate the single's debut, followed by a summer tour that takes her all through Europe. For more information, go to her website.

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