The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Is Not Happy With How The Guys Are Acting

Photo: ABC/Lou Rocco.
Can't we all just get along? It's the question The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay asks in her latest blog post for People, which breaks down the recent mud wrestling episode that had her saying goodbye to DeMario, again. Not to mention, the tea she spills on the guys' behavior, which Lindsay is anything but happy with.
The Bachelorette admits that she's a bit turned off with how the guys interact with one another in next week's episode. "If you’re anything like me, you won’t believe how the disagreements, sleights and clashes of characters that started brewing in the mansion over the course of the last couple weeks unbeknownst to me boil over into complete meltdowns," she wrote. "These guys don’t just question each other’s intentions. They scream, they insult, they threaten — and I’m not happy about it!"
While watching the guys go at in the mud may be fun for some — for others, not so much — we have to agree with Lindsay that watching them jump down each other's throats is not the most attractive. Especially since, as she teases on her blog, next week's episode is an emotional one for her.
While this week's cocktail party didn't go as planned thanks to DeMario, who Lindsay thinks has a "lot of learning to do" and hopes "he watches this back and learns from it." (Maybe it will help him when he heads to Bachelor In Paradise this summer.) Lindsay promises next week's pre-rose ceremony fete is a whole other beast. "I find myself yet again in another cocktail party more emotional then I’d ever been with the guys," she wrote. "But it doesn’t end with me."
Lindsay doesn't elaborate on what that means because, hello, you have to tune in. But she makes it clear that the guys behavior is becoming a real problem for her. It makes you wonder which guys are going to be going at it and whether or not that's going to be what sends them home.
Especially since Lindsay has no problem saying goodbye to anyone who is concentrating on "sabotaging each other more than building a connection with me." Sorry, not sorry Whaboom.
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