Michelle Obama Issued A Call To Action At Today's Apple Event

Apple brought some major star power to its Worldwide Developers Conference this year. This morning, Michelle Obama joined Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives at the industry event. She spoke to developers about the challenges our country is currently facing — and how creators and the next generation are responsible for finding the solutions that will better the world.
Press was not allowed for the closed-door chat, but thankfully, the lucky developers who did make it in were avid tweeters. In addition to offering insights on her travels during her time as first lady, and recalling her favorite memories from her Let’s Move! Initiative (including the fact that at one event, Obama was nervous that Shaquille O’Neal might step on a child), the former First Lady also spoke about the steps everyone can and should take to enact change.
Below, some Twitter highlights from Obama’s question and answer session — and a few reminders that her fantastic sense of humor is intact.
One of Obama's messages to the WWDC crowd was that if developers are merely creating apps and services with money in mind, they could be missing the big picture.
She reminded developers that going higher doesn’t always mean you need to go bigger.
Obama emphasized the fact that everyone plays a role in the future of the country — not only the people who are in power. Therefore, take responsibility for making change no matter who you are or what your job is.
Obama's advice for overcoming fear is to keep bigger goals in mind, while acknowledging that everyone encounters setbacks and needs help to get to where they’re going.
Her message to the boys of tech’s boy’s club? Be prepared to greet more women.
And finally, Obama offered some humorous anecdotes about her much-admired style.
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