Kate Beckinsale Stood Up To A Mommy Shamer On Instagram

Kate Beckinsale has no time for sexist parenting "tips."
The actress shared a video of herself dancing with what looks like a group of kids on Tuesday. Everyone in the video looks like they're having a great time — they're grinning from ear to ear. "Lend a natural redhead your necklace and it all starts popping off," Beckinsale captioned the clip.
Unfortunately, trolls were quick to comment on the video. Even on a post that's totally harmless, there's always someone who will find fault with what a celebrity is doing. An Instagram user named "ezsmusic" decided to leave a bait-y comment on the post — and Beckinsale had the perfect clapback to the mommy shaming.

Lend a natural redhead your necklace and it all starts popping off ?❤️?

A post shared by Kate Beckinsale (@katebeckinsale) on

"Go home and take care of your kids. Hehe!," ezsmusic wrote. The user probably wasn't expecting a detailed response from the actress — but she gave one.
"What's amazing is it is no longer the 18th century so now that my one child is grown I don't have to stay home (while she's out with her own friends ) playing the pianoforte, getting consumption or trying to secure her a marriage . But thank you for the quaint blast from the past . Oh and I can vote now too! YAY," Beckinsale wrote, tagging @ezsmusic in her comment. You can see the exchange in the screenshot below.
Screenshot via Instagram/Kate Beckinsale.
The takeaway here? Think twice before posting a trolly comment you assume a celebrity won't read on Instagram. No one wants to be the person a star calls out in a comment.
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