This Chef Used A Fidget Spinner To Whip Up The Perfect Dish

Is there anything that fidget spinners can't do? Ever since the '90s toy resurfaced, people have been employing it for every use imaginable. The latest is a chef from the Houston seafood restaurant REEF, who created a viral video of himself cooking with a fidget spinner, Time reports.
The video, posted to the Instagram @sleeping_with_the_chef, has gotten over 20,000 views. It shows the chef (likely Bryan Caswell, according to the Instagram bio) placing a fidget spinner on a plate. As you wonder what that thing is doing there (and whether it's sanitary), he spins it around and pours a brown sauce or dressing on it. Then, the spinner creates concentric circles on the plate. He adds greens, tuna, and pepper to the dish, and it immediately becomes Instagram-worthy.
"Don't confiscate elevate! #foodiespinner," the caption reads. This is probably a reference to Eric Ripert, the French chef and TV personality who tweeted that any fidget spinners found in his New York City restaurant Le Bernardin would be "confiscated."
Rather than campaign against the fidget spinner craze like Ripert did, Cawell has decided to work with it, and it looks like this approach has had delicious results.
His isn't the only culinary use of fidget spinners, though. Dallas bakery Clearly Cookies created fidget-spinner-shaped cookies that are completely edible and actually spin. Some YouTubers have also made their own versions of fidget spinner cookies by attaching their gadgets to Oreos and sugar cookies, but eating those could become a challenge.

Take a bite out of The Original Fidget Spinner Cookie! #fidgetspinner

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People have also been finding creative uses for their fidget spinners outside the kitchen. One man placed his on his phone so that it swiped through Tinder for him. Makeup artist James Charles used one on his face to contour. It seems there's a new viral fidget spinner video out every day, so we can't wait to see what the Internet comes up with next.

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