This Bakery Makes Fidget Spinner Cookies That Actually Spin

Photo: Getty Images.
Even if you’re someone who isn’t usually up on what the kids are into, chances are you’ve heard of this new obsession with fidget spinners. Walk down almost any city street right now, and you’ll see the toy being sold by various venders on the sidewalk. We’ve also come across fidget spinner-inspired nail art while scrolling through our Instagram feeds, which seems very strange. The rotating toy has even somehow managed to invade the food world, and now, thanks to Eater, we know there’s a bakery that’s making fidget spinner cookies.
Clearly Cookies, a well-known Dallas bakery that won grand prize in Martha Stewart’s 2008 Cookie Contest, is responsible for this random cookie creation. Just two days ago, Clearly Cookies posted a photo of its fidget spinner cookies to Instagram, and it immediately garnered a whole lot of attention. The caption of the photo reads, "It's all the rage right now. Introducing the first edible (and kid friendly) #FidgetSpinner. For sure to keep your attention and relieve your hunger! It even SPINS too. Video coming SOON!"
So, it’s tasty and supposedly functional, but of course, the internet wanted to see some proof. Well, the bakery made good on its promise and uploaded a video of the cookie in action.
Though this particular food-toy mashup does seem rather unnecessary, we can certainly see why it would be appealing for kids. And, really there’s nothing wrong with celebrating a trend, especially if it involves iced sugar cookies. It also seems like Clearly Cookies is the one place that’s actually doing this food and fidget spinner combination right. Munchies reports that there are quite a few of YouTubers who have tried making their own edible versions of the spinning toys. For the most part though, they’re just gluing candy and cookies to bearings, and that just seems like a totally waste.

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