Did You Notice This Creepy iPhone Hack In House Of Cards?

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Warning: Spoilers for House Of Cards season 5 to come.
House of Cards episode "Chapter 64" opens with President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) pushing Secretary Catherine Durant (Jayne Atkinson) down the stairs as a political means to an end. Despite the jarringly violent nature of Frank’s latest scheme to toss another lady into danger, a different man manages to execute an even creeper transgression against a woman just minutes later in the episode. The culprit is Sean Jeffries.
The journalist enters season 5 as a newbie Washington Herald reporter. By episode 12, Sean (Korey Jackson) is the newbie deputy press secretary in the Underwood White House. Just like anyone else spinning around the Underwoods, Sean is ready to play dirty to get ahead and probably commit a few federal crimes while he’s at it. This is where the new White House denizen’s girlfriend Angela (Alexis Nichole Smith) comes in.
Angela still works at the Herald and is the assistant to Tom Hammerschmidt (Boris McGiver), who penned the exposé that has "Causes For Impeachment" written all over it. While Angela has been dropping insider staff information to her terrible boyfriend for quite some time, she finally announces in "Chapter 63" she’s ending their arrangement. Sean pretends he’s totally cool with this development, but everyone Frank Underwood has ever met is a liar. By the end of "63," the Herald team receives a brand new weird flash drive from the mysterious Underwood leaker. Sean can apparently smell when bad news is heading towards his boss and hatches the creepiest plot in history to figure out what Angela and the rest of the team knows.
While in bed, Sean picks up a sleeping Angela’s hand and uses her fingerprint to unlock her iPhone. Let’s go over this again. Sean tricks the woman he’s sleeping with into divulging privileged information by using a lack of consciousness against her. And he uses her own body to do it. What a five-star sleazeball. While there are so many obviously disturbing betrayals throughout House Of Cards, this one is especially concerning considering how true-to-life it feels. Any guy who wants to know what his girlfriend is supposedly hiding could decide this is the best method to get her secrets. This scene makes you question just how much you should trust the person sleeping next to you. And people wonder why I refuse to turn on any fingerprint security options on my Apple devices.
At least Angela gets the last laugh at her awful, manipulative boyfriend. She wakes up while Sean is scrolling through her phone and doesn’t react by making a scene at 6:15 a.m., as I would. This makes sense, when Hammerschmidt reveals he and Angela have been purposefully planting information on her phone for Sean to read and eventually spill to the White House. Take that, creep. Of course, Sean takes the bait and rushes to have a "confidential" meeting with Frank to prove just how great of a soulless underling he is. Now Doug Stamper wants to have a chat with the Herald, since Team Underwood believes the newspaper has close-to-concrete evidence the president murdered Zoe Barnes, which, for the record, he did. Soon enough, the Underwood lackey is confessing to a crime he didn't commit — all because of fake information Sean cribbed off of a device he was never supposed to be looking at.
So, a word to the wise, fellas, maybe don't be a total ladder-climbing creep.
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