Is Jessica Jones In Trouble? These New Photos Are Dropping Major Hints

Photo: Netflix.
While Marvel fans wait for the premiere of The Defenders this fall, news of Jessica Jones' second season is already hitting the internet. Not much is known about the Netflix show's plot just yet, but new photos from the set show that everyone's favorite reluctant superhero may be in big trouble. Of course, her best friend, Trish Walker, is right by her side, but there are also handcuffs involved. And cops. And, obviously, trouble.
The AV Club reports that Marvel's newest photos show Jones and Walker being cuffed and (presumably) questioned by a cadre of cops. Anyone familiar with Jones' super strength knows that a pair of simple cuffs can't hold her, but fans also know that Walker's high profile is probably what's keeping Jones from bashing in heads and asking questions later.
But the site also speculates that this could be the catalyst for Walker's transformation into Hellcat, a demonic Marvel character that has "demon sight," super-powered fighting abilities, and some sort of psychic powers. While the Netflix version of Trish Walker hasn't shown any sort of super-human power just yet, there's no telling what'll happen to her storyline in Jessica Jones season 2 or The Defenders. Hey, stranger things have happened — Trish getting powers out of nowhere wouldn't be a surprise at all.
No release date has been set for Jessica Jones season 2, and since the show's still filming, fans can assume that it's still a ways off. Until then, there's plenty of time to speculate about exactly what's happening — and why Marvel's superheroes are always so reluctant to call for backup. After all, doesn't Avengers Tower loom large in the Manhattan skyline? Claire Temple may be a kick-ass nurse, but help from a certain Iron Man wouldn't hurt.
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