The Internet Demands A Stanley Tucci-Jeff Goldblum Rom-Com STAT

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Turn off your mind and allow me to take you on a journey.
Look at this picture of Jeff Goldblum and Stanley Tucci, side-by-side by in ther dark-rimmed glasses and wearing nice, but not-too-nice button-up shirts and jackets. They both have the perfect amount of scruff, and inverse expressions: a smile and a scowl. They both look trustworthy, honest, and ready to make you laugh. Or, as the internet fantasizes, they look like a married couple and co-owners of a restaurant who find themselves in heated conflict with the sinister restauranteur across town, Guy Fieri.
Welcome to the premise of the latest Twitter-born movie pitch that recently led to an actual movie being put into production. Earlier this year, one woman on the social media site offered up an idea to have Oscar-wining actress Lupita Nyong'o and Grammy-winning artist Rihanna star in a funny thriller as best friends scamming rich white men. One tweet led to another, and now it's really happening on Netflix. (It's apparently going to be directed by Selma's Ava DuVernay and written by Insecure's Issa Rae.)
So, it feels like this could really happen y'all, especially considering that almost 60,ooo people have liked the tweet and 15,000 have retweeted it to share on their own feeds.
Let's go on with the pitch. So here's the image that sparked it all, created by Tyler Bradley. In it, both actors are in the kitchen and appear to be looking at each other thanks to perfect cropping. They live in a nice house, and argue over which flavor of infused olive oil to use.
And here's the villain: Fieri.
While dealing with Fieri and his menacing antics (and use of overly fried foods), a stranger from their past arrives, throwing a kink into their seemingly perfect relationship. Enter Mark Ruffalo.
Here's a taste of the drama that will unfold.
Luckily, the two men have a set of hilarious and skilled staff at the restaurant to bring them back together.
And the rest of the twisty plot is full of spoilers so we can't divulge it, but Twitter is more than ready to see this potential masterpiece come to life.
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