Cersei Is In Trouble If This Game Of Thrones Theory is Right

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If the official Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer had you shook, this theory will have you quaking in your boots. Nothing in this series is done without consequence, even if it takes years for the strings to unravel themselves. Basically, it looks like the newly-minted Queen Cersei may be going down this season in a pretty spectacular way.
A bit of backstory before we get deep into this mystery. In the book series, there is a prophecy called the valonqar which was not discussed in the show. Valonqar is High Valyrian for "little brother." The prophecy, which was told to Cersei as a child by the woods witch Maggy the Frog, states that Cersei will die by strangulation at the hands of the valonqar. For her entire life, Cersei has assumed that Tyrion Lannister will be the killer, and this explains her long-running animosity towards her younger brother.
Vanity Fair was the first to note a very interesting visual clue in the trailer. Cersei is standing atop a room-sized map of Westeros. The area she's standing on is called the Neck because it's the area that splits the North and South sides of the continent. She gazes up at the North. Jaime Lannister, her twin brother and illicit paramour, is standing opposite her on the geographical area known as the Fingers. It's a small grouping of peninsulas and islands and is the homeland of everyone's favorite villain, Littlefinger.
Photo: Vanity Fair.
Put the two together. Cersei is standing on the Neck, and Jaime is standing on the Fingers. Neck, Fingers, valonqar propechy — hello, it is so obvious! Jaime is (maybe) going to fulfill the prophecy by strangling Cersei. After all, when she ascended the Iron Throne in last season's finale, he didn't look particularly stoked about it. This makes so much sense.
There's another interesting wrinkle that I realized. The other part that possibly fits in with the valonqar theory? Cersei is also standing on top of the Twins. A certain evil someone by the name of Walder Frey was just assassinated at his castle, the Twins. The assassin was none other than FKA No One, Arya Stark in disguise as a house maid. Arya has been another popular assumption for the valonqar because she's literally a younger sibling who assassinates those who have wronged her and Queen Cersei is high on her kill list. Cersei standing right on the site of where a lot of people have died.
So while I do think the Jaime = valonqar theory is most plausible, even if doesn't come to pass, the showrunners are not being subtle about telling us that Cersei's days are numbered. She said it best to Ned Stark in Season 1: "you win the game of thrones, or you die."
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