Armie Hammer Couldn't Handle Kissing Leonardo DiCaprio

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There is nothing we love more than a really steamy onscreen kiss. And if I am speaking my truth, then there is nothing I love more than anything involving Armie Hammer. Now, give me a kissing scene between Armie Hammer and Leonardo DiCaprio and the world is a lot brighter. Of course, the iconic kissing scene between Hammer and DiCaprio happened a few years back in the film, J. Edgar, where DiCaprio portrayed the real-life FBI director J. Edgar Hoover (who was rumored to have been gay) and Hammer played a lover, Clyde.
While Hammer was on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night, Andy Cohen couldn't help but ask about the steamy scene, which starts out as a physical fist fight between the men, and ends with an unexpected kiss with Hammer pinning down DiCaprio on the ground. It is glorious. Cohen asked the actor which was better: the punching or the kissing? Hammer suggestively replied, "See, that is hard because I usually like to do both!" before realizing what his response implied and hiding his face in his hands. Hammer ultimately decided that the kiss (no tongue, soft lips) was better, to which Cohen had an essential follow-up question: Did he get a boner while filming the scene? Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, he did.
The most shocking part of the clip was when the other guest, comedian Chelsea Handler, realized that Hammer is happily married (he even has two children), and that he will not do any smooching off the screen unless it's to his wife anytime soon. Sign.
Check out the scene below in all its glory.
And what the clip from WWHL below.
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