Carly Rae Jepsen's Fans Are Not Cool With Her Running Away To Italy

Carly Rae Jepsen may have a song that literally implores listeners to run away with her, but don't even think about joking about the "Call Me Maybe" singer peacing out of her music career. As reported by HelloGiggles, Jepsen's fans are freaking out over the singer's recent tweet, which says she's hightailed it to Italy and is never looking back.
Social media can cause quite the drama — just ask Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, the latter of whom is "a Regina George in sheep's clothing," if you're reading the former's tweets. The singer — who rose to fame after fellow Canadian Justin Bieber tweeted about her in 2011 — may not be entangled in high-profile popstar Twitter battles, but she's certainly able to stir controversy with less than 140 characters. Of course, Jepsen's controversy is connected to something totally benign: how much her fans adore her.
It all started when Jepsen shared a photo of herself on vacation in Italy to Twitter, with the below caption:
"She writes something like 50 tunes for her next album, takes a break in Italy and- plot twist.... never comes back."
Apparently, Jepsen fanatics don't want the "Store" singer to make her vacation spot her permanent home — they need her to return stateside in order to make sweet, danceable pop tracks for the world to under-appreciate. (Because, really: Why don't we ever talk about how awesome Jepsen's music is?!?)
Fans took to Twitter to express their outrage — and to tell Jepsen to stop playing with their E-MO-TIONS, a la her album title.
However, some fans are focusing on the positive side of her tweet: all that new music.
It sounds like Jepsen is merely taking a well-deserved break. The star has been busy working on her new song "Cut To The Feeling," off of the upcoming animated film Leap!'s soundtrack. Jepsen actually will voice Odette in the new movie, which is set in Paris — not too far from where the singer is currently setting up camp.
But don't worry: There's no way that Jepsen won't return to "save pop." Her fans demand it, and so do those 50 songs waiting in the wings.

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