People Are Tweeting Their Worst Dates & It's Getting A Little Out Of Control

Let's face it; pretty much everyone has been on at least one embarrassing date. But we honestly had no idea this many people would feel comfortable sharing their nightmarish stories with millions of Twitter users.
On Wednesday, Jimmy Fallon tweeted a message to his fans asking them to share their most horrible, messy, and hilariously bad first date stories using the hashtag #MyWorstDate with the promise that some of the best responses would air on The Tonight Show.
Here's the call to action:
To kick things off, Fallon even shared one of his own personal dating faux pas.
Honestly, that doesn't sound all that bad to us, but you get where he was going with the request.
Fallon's tweet received approximately 1,000 direct responses, and a quick click on the hashtag shows that what seems like thousands others contributed as well. Some of the tweets were completely relatable — the date constantly talked about an ex, there wasn't any chemistry, the date refused to pay the bill, etc.
But for others, the late show host's prompt drove them to reveal their freakiest, weirdest, and downright most disgusting stories.
Take a look below at some of the funniest and most cringeworthy tweets we could find:
And, we thought Q-tips were bad!
Yeah, this is definitely worse than face-planting on the dance floor.
Ah, yes, it couldn't be a story about terrible dates without some good old-fashioned mansplaining.
What a sh*tty situation. Sorry, had to do it.
Nooooo! (And, yes, there were A LOT of bathroom-related stories.)
We have a feeling the crème brûlée wasn't the issue.
Fear Factor is real, people.
Dating is the worst, y'all.

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