This Is Why The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Aziz Ansari's Cousin

Photo: K.C. Bailey/Netflix.
It is always a good day when the internet discovers a previously unknown potential star, or someone who has gone through the 2017 version of a makeover, a.k.a. the "glow up." And this week, the object of the internet's glow up fascination is none other than Aziz Ansari's cousin, Harris Gani. Aziz fans first encountered Harris during the comedian's early stand-up routines, in which he told stories about Harris' college application letter (regarding the DVD rental service RedBox) and his Facebook rants. But his most memorable quality was that he was, in Aziz's words, "chubby."
Now, my friends, he resembles a fitness blogger, and is about double the size of Aziz. Not only that, but he also appeared in episode 3 of Master of None as, yes, Dev's cousin, Navid. Because they have different last names, it took fans a while to figure out the actor was Aziz's real life relative. And after the discovery was made, the internet was shook. "#MasterofNone fans... I'm screaming: Real chubby cousin Harris plays Aziz's hot cousin this season #theglowupisreal" one Twitter user wrote in a spot-on tweet.
In the episode, "Religion," Dev and Navid secretly go to a barbecue festival to fulfill their desire of eating pork, which is forbidden in Islam. Boycotting their observant Muslim families, the two stuff their faces with every barbecue pork product under the sun, and give new meaning to family bonding. It'd be tough to say that we didn't all end the episode wanting to send a "Hi Cutie" GIF straight to Dev's cousin.
So, it was my job as a journalist to further share images of Harris IRL by picking out the best pictures from his Instagram account (by the way, his handle is @HarrisRules13) to see him in all his glowed up glory.
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