Twitter Totally Put That Dirty Dancing Remake In The Corner

Yesterday I wrote a whole article about how I wouldn't be watching ABC's remake of Dirty Dancing. And I didn't.
But plenty of people did, and they did not, it seems, have the time of their life.
The "original movie event" starring Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes as Catskills hotsteppers turned lovers Frances "Baby" Houseman and Johnny Castle finally aired last night, and, as predicted, it didn't meet many viewers' expectations. Guess that's what happens when you take a truly iconic and beloved hit film and try to make it your own. There's just no improving on Swayze.
But it wasn't all a wash. Thanks to the wonder of social media, we're left with some hilarious memes and reactions to cackle over.
Oh, and an upbeat, dance remix of "She's Like the Wind."
Remaking the late Patrick Swayze's heartfelt ballad was the final straw for some fans.
"I'm sorry, who the heck thought it was a good idea to make a techno remake of 'She's Like the Wind'?" asked one disgruntled viewer.
"I felt a breath in my face and it's Patrick asking why they did that to 'She's Like the Wind,'" read another tweet.
"I gave them a pass for remaking the movie BUT YOU DO NOT DISGRACE PATRICK BY REMAKING 'She's Like the Wind,'" another person commented about the up-tempo remix.
The silver lining: Twitter delivered a ton of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey memes by way of an apology.
Was the network just a fool to believe that fans of the original 1987 film would accept any sort of substitute? Did that tacked-on new ending leave some folks perplexed? Will Twitter ever forgive?
On the bright side, if the whole point of this venture was to become a trending topic, pat yourself on the back, guys. You've succeeded.
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