Kit Harington & Rose Leslie Are Looking For A House Together

Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images.
Not even an epic plot twist can stop Jon Snow from shacking up with his beloved wildling. That is to say, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are moving in together. Harington, who plays Jon Snow on Game Of Thrones, was both the on and offscreen lover of Leslie before her wilding character, Ygritte, was shockingly killed off in season 4. Now, according to a profile in Esquire, the longtime IRL couple are taking things to the next level and house-hunting pretty much all over the world.
For some time, Harington has lived in London with his writing partner, but now they're both looking to move.
"He's going off with his girlfriend and I'm living with my girlfriend," Harington explained. For the most part, however, their relationship is kept private. "It's as much [Leslie's] relationship as it is mine and I can't speak for both of us. But yeah, we are very, very happy. So that's what I'll say about that."
However, he can't help but sprinkle in a few complaints about the grueling process of house-hunting. During the interview, the couple are visiting New York to see if that's where they'll plant their roots, and the whole experience is constantly interrupted by phone calls and texts about the ordeal.
Later, though, Harington reveals they've scrapped the New York idea altogether.
"I'm the most fickle person," he told Esquire. "Now I'm looking for a house in the English countryside; next week it will be Florida. Never take my word on what the fuck I'm doing!"
We're just happy that somehow, somewhere, Jon and Ygritte's love story is sort-of still in full swing.

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