This Hilarious Denzel Washington Photo Is The Internet's New Favorite Meme

Photo: PAUL BUCK/EPA/REX/Shutterstock.
Sometimes the internet gives you exactly what you want without you even knowing that you want it. First it was Meryl Streep screaming your favorite lyrics, now it's Denzel Washington who's getting the meme treatment. As Mashable pointed out, a photo of Washington from the set of his new movie Inner City has gone viral. But, it's not just any photo, it's the most glorious photo of Washington that you'll ever set your eyes on.
The drama, which has Washington playing a lawyer whose firm has a few dirty secrets, is set in the '70s, so in this photo the actor is a throwback to the time. But, it's the expression on his face that makes it ripe for the meme-ing. He seems lost in thought with his headphones on and we all want to figure out what he reminds us of here.
Turns out, a lot of people think he looks like a certain member of the family. "Denzel Washington looks like your grandma when she can sense your parents haven't fed you yet," one person wrote. Other people got a bit more specific, saying Washington was your grandma who "doesn't need measuring cups to bake" or is "coming home from long day of food shopping & laundry."
Someone else seemed to think Washington looked like someone a little more famous: "Denzel Washington must be playing Oprah in his next movie."
There were others that weren't too fond of this photo, wondering why Washington looked like a "dusty bus driver who is always late" or "a man in your neighborhood that walked around in flip flops all year long asking you if you had some change."
One person even came up with a conspiracy theory for what is really happening in this photo, writing, "Denzel Washington was replaced by a clone named Wenzel Dashington." Though, our favorite may be the person who pointed out that Washington's been "reverse Stefan'd" and now he's playing a Steve Urkel-type.
Whatever is going on here, I think we can all agree that if the movie is half as good as these memes, Washington's got a bonafide hit on his hands. Maybe even another Oscar for the two-time winner, as one person tweeted, "Let me tell y'all something right now," one person tweeted, "y'all need to go ahead and ship Denzel his Oscar right now if he's looking like this."

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