Fujifilm's Newest Instant Camera Is A Summer Staple That's Worth Your $$$

Photographed by Madeline Buxton.
"Hey, what is that?" is a question I heard from at least four different strangers this past week as I walked around my Brooklyn neighborhood taking photos of flowers, restaurant signs, and random street graffiti with the Instax Square SQ10 — Fujifilm's latest addition to its Instax instant camera line.
The questions were on point: The camera is (and looks) different than the ones that have come before it. For one, it's more of a square shape than previous Instax instant cameras. It also prints square (instead of rectangular) format snapshots — this is an Instagram camera for an Instagram-formatted world. But the larger distinction is that this new camera from Fujifilm, the company that made instant film cameras cool again, that merges the features of a digital camera with an instant camera. (Polaroid Pop, which will come out later this year, is another digital-instant camera hybrid).
Where most instant cameras simply allow you to shoot and print your photo, the SQ10 lets you edit your photos on screen and store them in the internal camera roll to print at a later time. If you shoot a bad photo, you don't have to waste film printing it. You can delete the bad photos, and try again. These extra features add up to a higher price point. Where most Fujifilm Instax cameras cost less than $100, the SQ10 costs $279.95.
Ahead, take a closer look at the camera's various editing features and see why it's worth the investment.

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