Someone Tweeted A Joke About Jonathan Cheban & Things Did Not Go Well

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Update: Jonathan Cheban claims his Twitter has hacked while he was on a plane to London. "I can't believe I was hacked while flying to london..LOL," he tweeted. "Sorry to all the random messages people got. I guess I should turn my wifi on!" He added, "Btw. When I want to talk shit to someone I do it publicly not in a private message. Everyone knows that."
This story was originally published at 4:45 p.m.
Come at the Foodgōd, and he will come back at you approximately 73,000 times as hard. Jonathan Cheban allegedly sent an expletive-filled, derogatory message to a Twitter user who dared to post a meme making fun of the 43-year-old.
On Thursday, Twitter user Trevor McMullan screenshotted a satirical story on comedy site Above Average, titled "Meet The Rat Who’s Paid Minimum Wage To Chew Holes In Kanye's $3000 T-Shirts." He captioned the headline and accompanying photo of a rat with this zinger: "its [sic] nice that kanye gave jonathan cheban a job." He didn't tag Cheban, who has branded himself the Foodgōd in an apparent effort to cement his status as a foodie-influencer. But the all-knowing Foodgōd reportedly came across the tweet anyway.
Three hours later, McMullan allegedly received a DM from the Kardashian tag-along. McMullan screenshotted the message and tweeted it out to his followers. "Little bitch. I got more money than u can dream of and more companies I own than I can have you clean toilets," Cheban reportedly wrote. "So keep your trailer park trash mouth shut peasant. Lol u think I need a job. You dumb lowlife. I’ll fucking buy you cunt." McMullan captioned the tweet, ""
While we can't prove the veracity of the DM, we can say it's not hard to believe Cheban wrote it. In February, Cheban reacted similarly to a swipe on Instagram. He left a slew of nasty body-shaming comments on a vegan blogger's Insta after she insulted his appearance in a comment. So, by all means, say what you will about Cheban. But be aware that something you find funny could very well incite the wrath of the Foodgōd.

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