This Show Will Be The Next Gossip Girl

Photo: The CW
The team behind Gossip Girl is once again lifting the curtain on the lives of the filthy rich — and generally despicable. Executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (who are also the minds behind that other 1% show The O.C.) are now bringing us Dynasty, a reboot of the '80s series that looks like the perfect show to indulge our soapiest needs. Thanks to the show's new trailer, which The CW released on Thursday, we know that there's plenty of scandal, sex, and bitter rivalries — aka exactly the kind of stuff that Queen Bee Blair Waldorf would approve of.
The new series borrows heavily from the original source material (though, thankfully, which a much more diverse cast) and focuses on the Carrington family, an uber-wealthy clan who loves their fortune almost as much as they love power. Fallon (former Victorious star Elizabeth Gillies) has aspirations to take over her father Blake’s (Grant Show) business, but finds that it's easier said than done when his new wife Cristal (Nathalie Kelley, whom you may recognize as schemey runner-up Grace from season 1 of UnReal) steps into the picture. Fortunately for the distressed daughter, Cristal has a past — though discrediting Fallon's new stepmom proves more challenging than expected.
Can't these ladies just get along? While I'm eager for these two powerful women to eventually form an alliance — hey, Blair and Serena made it work — I'm also happy to watch their war wage on for at least a handful of episodes. Fortunately, the trailer — which shows Fallon ripping up Cristal's wedding dress and snacking on a cake version of her head — proves that these two will need way more family therapy before they are able to get to a good place.
Sure, the Carringtons may have champagne problems, but go ahead and pour me a glass — this new series looks like a great time.

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