The Only Stats You Need To Know On The Bachelorette Men

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On Monday night, Rachel Lindsay will begin her journey to find love with one of 31 bachelors, some more eligible than others. The bios of The Bachelorette season 13 contestants, released on Wednesday, are... a lot. So, to make things easy for you while you cram for the premiere, we've done the math on the whole batch and come away with some statistically significant fun facts you should know about the group. Here are this season's crop of men, in numbers.
- Black men: 11
The most Black contestants that have ever been on the show, and over a third of the men.
- Average age: 30 (29.74 to be exact)
Rachel is 31, making this a much more respectable age gap compared to, say, Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. The youngest is 26; the oldest, 37.
- 26-year-olds: 5
This just feels like too many, right?
- Big fans of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: 3
They think they have a lot in common with him (Kenny); admire his ability to rock a fanny pack (Blake K.); and have mad respect for him as an "artist" (Alex).
- Big fans of Denzel Washington: 3
DeMario, Kenny, and Michael all exhibit excellent taste.
- Guys who have gotten busy at work: 3
I'm sorry but that's three too many and I've got to call the offenders out: Iggy ("I once got a boner during a board meeting. I had to present sitting down."); Josiah ("[The craziest place I’ve had sex is] in my office at work!"); and
Fred ("Yes, there are times that I get aroused at work and I have to go back to my desk to avoid being noticed.")
- Best attributes Bryan lists about himself when specifically asked for three: 7
Affectionate/passionate, personable/charming/funny, kind/good heart
- How Kyle describes his ideal woman: 7+
Reducing women to a number — sweet, right? But don't worry, he elaborates: he also is "definitely a butt guy."
- Californians: 8
I mean, it is a big state, but still...
- Floridians: 7
Shit. This does not bode well for Rachel TBH.
- Guys who want Rachel to know they're really good at sex:
Had a threesome for his birthday (Adam)
Is into"taboo sexy stuff" like in 50 Shades of Grey (Blake E.)
Has "virtually no limits" in the bedroom (Anthony)
Being like “fresh drink of water with a jolt of lightning" in bed (Bryce)
Participated in a sex positions contest in Cancun (Diggy)
Has had sex on a mountain glacier (Jebidiah)
"Usually last a long time" (Jonathan)
Experienced in BDSM (Kyle)
Has experimented with Tabasco in the bedroom (Mohit)
- Super-fans of The Pursuit of Happyness: 9
Okay, like... have you ever met one single person who said this was their favorite movie in the world?
- Men who go by their first and last name: 1
His name is Jack Stone.

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