The $7 Body Wash That's Forever Replaced My Shaving Cream

I spent every single day with my grandparents while I was growing up. They were my best friends and I’d even fake sick so I could hang out with them even more. My memories are so sharp, I can still close my eyes and picture every nook and cranny of their house without missing one thing. Like many people, I still do everything I can to remember them. The strangest length I go to? I use the same shaving cream my Papa swore by.
My Papa liked two things stocked in his bathroom: Irish Spring soap (in bulk, from Sam’s Club) and Barbasol. And since Irish Spring makes me smell like a wet four leaf clover, I opt for the Barbasol. It’s cheap, easy, and every time I spray the mousse I think of my Pop. But I can’t pretend it’s the sexiest looking bottle of all time. It rusts when left in the shower — or anywhere that is remotely moist — and doesn’t leave my sensitive skin all that happy after a hurried shave. So when I discovered this newest drugstore innovation, I made a little more room. Enter: Nivea’s Foaming Silk Mousse.
Sure, the foaming body wash is meant to clean off the day, but in my humble opinion, the foaming gel formula works better as a shaving cream. The moment I smooth it over my skin, it seems to disappear, without any benefit of a regular cleanser. But when I spread it across my legs and put my razor to work, the effects are exactly what I need: Silky, smooth skin and hydration that is more than enough to supplement my self tanner addiction. But here’s the best part: The foaming texture reminds me of my beloved Barbasol, but is aesthetically more on-brand for me. It's so good, I'd shell out $5 extra just to avoid the embarrassment of rust stains while retaining my sweet memories.
Nivea Foaming Silk Mousse, $6.99, available at CVS.
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