Judd Apatow Just Teased A Girls Reboot

It has been about one minute since Girls aired its final episode, and already executive producer Judd Apatow is teasing a reboot of the HBO series on Instagram.
The Lena Dunham-created series ended with Dunham's Hannah learning how to be a mom outside of New York City, the place she had spent six seasons struggling desperately in while simultaneously swearing was the only place worth living. However, Hannah's new job as a university professor — not to mention her role as a parent to baby Grover — totally flipped the script on her life, allowing her to mature from a "girl" to an actual adult woman.
By the end of the show's sixth and final season, it was clear that Hannah was ready to move on from her days of basement raves and bad boyfriends. However, that doesn't make it any easier for Apatow to leave Hannah behind. The This Is 40 director took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of him and Dunham, along with the caption:
"It is a drag not being able to kick around Girls episode ideas anymore. Maybe I will keep a notebook and do it anyway. They brought back [Will & Grace]. Anything is possible."
While it seems just a little soon to start talking about a Girls reboot — we literally just put the series to bed last month — some fans on Apatow's Instagram are totally onboard:
"Why are you messing with my emotions!?"
"Please make it happen!"
"Yes please I am so sad it finished :("
"Brilliant idea."
I doubt that we'll be getting a new season of Girls anytime soon, but it's nice to know that Apatow had as good of an experience working on the show as so many fans had watching it.
Dunham got equally nostalgic on Instagram shortly before the finale, sharing an Instagram slideshow of the early days of Girls. (Some photos are from before the series had even received a title!) She wrote in the caption:
"So many memories of 6 years ago when we were baby Girls..."

So many memories of 6 years ago when we were baby Girls...

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Whatever Dunham and Apatow work on next — together or apart — here's hoping they are as passionate about it as they were about their HBO show.

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