Spencer Pratt Considering iPhone Giveaway To Come Up With A "Banger" Baby Name

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Spencer Pratt is just five or so short months away from being a dad, and he's got a lot on his mind. The former reality star opened up about his hopes and anxieties about impending fatherhood in a new interview with askmen.com.
Pratt, whose baby boy with Heidi is due in October, has a creative idea for coming up with a name. "We have a lot of names in mind. I plan on crowd sourcing on social media and maybe doing like an iPhone giveaway for whoever comes up with the name. I’m gonna give them an iPhone 8 or something because I need a banger name." He continued, "I definitely want to be stunting on Gwyneth Paltrow — flashy, flashy name that isn’t even in a Google search."
Here are some more highlights from Pratt's musings.
His advice for first-time dads. "Definitely when you go to the ultrasound appointment, don’t be standing. I recommend sitting or lying down because there’s a good chance you will faint. I’ve fainted twice now. So yeah, I would say don’t think you’re just going to be standing looking at the image like you’re just watching Netflix... Also, all the dads who need metaphysical comfort should look into crystals — even a starter metaphysical kit can make a huge difference."
What he's looking forward to most. "Probably teaching my child jiu jitsu — I put a lot of money, time and energy into my training and it’ll be a lot of fun to see it pay off and be able to transfer all the knowledge I worked so hard in attaining to my junior."
What sex he was hoping for. "Like, who cares about gender. I just want my baby to be healthy and have a strong heart. I’m past gender. I just want a healthy baby, because you know, I was born blue and I probably lost a lot of brain cells that I definitely needed in the past few years of my life, so you know, definitely just want a nice, chill birth for Heidi, no drama, you know, no umbilical cord wrapped around its neck or anything."
On his aspirations for his kids and missing his chance to be. "I’m trying to make a superstar so I’m definitely gonna try and see what they’re best at — I’ll try out everything from dance to chess to squash to fencing to hacking… I’ll definitely let them try out everything they can and see what they’re superb at. That’s one thing that I feel like I didn’t do — try more things. I played soccer and baseball, and that’s all. But what if I had been the best at like, ballet? And I didn’t even know. I could have been a famous ballet dancer, like the Black Swan!"
On watching The Hills with his kids. "Hell no! They’d just lose brain cells. I’m trying to have really smart kids. With all due respect to Heidi and I, we cannot afford any less brain cells than they’re already starting with at the gateway."
On a Hills 2.0 starring the next generation. "If the other girls weren't all such haters, I totally think that would be brilliant but nope!"

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