Hey Scott Disick, You Can't Just Go Around Saying You're A Sex Addict

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Sit down, Scott Disick, we need to talk. In the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the star claims he's a sex addict before immediately taking it back. Disick's sex addiction proclamation was just an excuse to get out of trouble, and that makes it a whole lot more problematic.
The episode, "Family Trippin', Part 2," begins with the family seated around the dinner table in Costa Rica. While Scott and Kourtney broke up in 2015, the family is admonishing the father of three for bringing a girl on the family vacation.
"We're both trying to move on, that's what we've all been saying," Scott says in his defense. "So, I'm trying to do anything I can fucking do to not think about [Kourtney]."
"On a family vacation?" Kourtney replies. Don't you think it's inappropriate [and] disrespectful?To me, and to your kids and to all my family?"
This is obviously a fair point — especially because this isn't the first time he's been caught — and it backed the 33-year-old into a corner. Instead of conceding and apologizing, however, Scott lashed out in the worst way.
"So let me fuck you then, and I won't have to do shit like this," he cried. "I'm a sex addict! I'm a fucked up, horrible sex addict."
Here's the thing: He's not. In the confessional, he openly admitted to just saying whatever he could think of to get him out of the situation.
"Saying I'm a sex addict is honestly the first thing that popped into my head," he explained. "I don't really think it's my actual problem, but, you know, it's definitely not easy hearing everyone attack me...I don't know, literally, what else to say."
Hmmmmmm, well, not that! Although researchers have debunked the idea that sex can be an "addiction," having compulsive sexual behavior can be just as disruptive as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and take a serious toll on the person's life and relationships. If Scott doesn't actually think he suffers from these compulsions, and he just wanted people to stop yelling at him, that's pretty disrespectful to those who battle those urges every day.
This isn't to say Scott isn't struggling. It's clear he still hasn't recovered from the breakup, and while keeping an amicable relationship in order to co-parent may be good for the kids, it's causing Scott some distress.
"Every night you go to bed with our kids," he says during the argument. "And I have to sleep alone."
There's no doubt that Scott is having a hard time, and he should be getting all the help he needs in order to get back on track to a happy, healthy lifestyle — but that starts with telling the truth.

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