Zac Efron Says He's Not Cool & We're Not Buying It

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Perpetually sun-kissed and very buff heartthrob Zac Efron may be a movie star, but the actor says that's definitely not cool. While we beg to differ — he's got a fragrance ad that includes skateboarding, got DJ lessons from real-life EDM superstar Alesso, and played a certain Troy Bolton — Efron insists that his co-stars try to knock his cool factor down a few pegs, whether he likes it or not.
"People think that I think I'm cool, so they haze me," Efron told People at the premiere of Baywatch. "Then, they realize I'm not cool, nor do I think I'm cool, and then eventually it stops. Or it keeps going, and it's going to be a never-ending cycle."
While Efron didn't elaborate on exactly what he's had to endure from his co-stars, he did parody the whole thing in a Funny or Die video that showed him doing pretty outrageous things to Dave Franco. Maybe some of those things drew from personal experience? Smoothies with secret ingredients? Sneak attacks during a game of Jenga? It seems tame, but perhaps Efron's keeping a few of his experiences to himself.
One person who's perpetuating the never-ending cycle Efron described? Efron's Neighbors co-star (and maybe future Lion King voice actor) Seth Rogen. While the two haven't been in a film together since Neighbors 2, it seems Rogen just can't stop the friendly hazing. Not that Efron is complaining. "[He] still goes for it," Efron explained. "But, it's actually kind of a compliment — he's like my hero, so even being hazed by him is fun."
While the self-deprecating star may sell himself short when it comes to being cool, he's got one admirer that definitely thinks he's got cool on lock. In an interview with People, Baywatch star David Hasselhoff insists that Efron has that It factor. "Zac came down on the set the day we were shooting and said, 'What is the secret to Baywatch?' and I said, 'Heart, humor, action, and just be cool.' And you know what? He's got it."
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