Trump Dug Up An Old Rosie O'Donnell Tweet About James Comey For Some Reason

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Donald Trump's feud with Rosie O'Donnell dates back more than a decade, and Trump isn't willing to let go — even as president of the United States. On Thursday, Trump resurrected one of O'Donnell's tweets from December just to point out that she also wanted James Comey fired from the FBI.
Let's back up for a second. President Trump abruptly fired FBI Director Comey Tuesday evening, raising questions about the ongoing investigation into possible ties between Trump's campaign and Russia's interference in the presidential election. Democrats and Republicans alike were concerned about the reasoning behind Comey's departure, though the Trump administration claimed the FBI lost public and congressional trust under Comey's leadership.
Trump has been on the defensive since the news broke, saying everyone will be thanking him for firing Comey when things calm down and tweeting: "Dems have been complaining for months & months about Dir. Comey. Now that he has been fired they PRETEND to be aggrieved. Phony hypocrites!"
But, the president's comments surrounding Comey got much more amusing when he retweeted an exchange from December in which O'Donnell wrote, "FIRE COMEY." She was responding to a tweet from former Hillary Clinton Press Secretary Brian Fallon that read, "The unsealed filings regarding Huma's emails reveals Comey's intrusion on the election was as utterly unjustified as we suspected at time."
Trump retweeted the months-old convo Thursday, adding, "We finally agree on something Rosie."
Of course, O'Donnell wasn't going to ignore being called out by The Donald. She tweeted back: "u don't even realize the kind of trouble u r in - comeys people believe in him - for real - they have the proof - u r a sadistic man."
She then went on a retweeting spree, sharing tweets saying Trump is "without morals" and that "by firing James Comey, Trump has put impeachment on the table."
Then, hours later, she tweeted a photo of Trump with a circle drawn around his neck, writing, "right - u see it #pussyneck." It really was an entertaining night (if you ignored the real implications of Comey's firing, that is).
Yes, the president of the United States dug up an old tweet to prove that even his longtime nemesis agrees the FBI director needed to be sacked. Unfortunately for him, no one in Washington takes Rosie O'Donnell's opinion into consideration when debating who should head an investigation into the man occupying the Oval Office.
Regardless, the epic tweet proved two things — 1) Trump's still obsessed with Rosie; and 2) He will tweet just about anything.
This story was originally published on May 11, 2017.

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