Did Aria Really Join The A Team On Pretty Little Liars?

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Has Aria (Lucy Hale) officially gone over to the dark side on Pretty Little Liars? It certainly seems like it — especially given that A.D. has disturbing intel on Aria that even the fans watching at home don't know about. Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liars, titled "Power Play," revealed that, whatever A.D. has over Aria, it might be the thing that switches her allegiance from Team Liar to the A Team.
"Jessica DiLaurentis kept excellent records," A.D. (or, rather, one of A.D.'s many helpers) told Aria via video. "If Ezra knew what was in your file he would definitely choose Nicole, and she would be visiting him in jail."
At the end of the episode, Aria accept A.D.'s invitation to meet in the back of a limo — only to find Sydney (Chloe Bridges). Though Sydney eventually admitted that she wasn't actually A.D. — the real villain was seemingly on the other end of Sydney's ear piece, and likely the one behind the limo's privacy glass — Sydney did offer Aria a place on A.D.'s villainous squad. (Which likely comes with the perk of your very own black hoodie collection.)
While we didn't see Aria accept the offer, she's not telling her friends about what happened — which means joining the A Team is not a hard pass for the writer. Spoilers from Lucy Hale's interview with Hollywood Life even hint that Aria may very well link up with A.D. and company. She told the site:
"You’ll see a dark side of Aria [in season 7b]. I was so excited because they finally gave Aria something really dark to do. So these last 10 episodes are my favorite, at least for Aria. You get to see a not so nice side of her. She may or may not betray her friends. So it was cool to get to do something a little different."
The Aria we used to know would never betray her beloved Liars — but it definitely seems like she has something huge to hide. The odd part? Whatever Aria wants to hide happened before Jessica DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) was murdered. Could Jessica have gotten a hold of something that will make Aria look terrible in the eyes of Ezra (Ian Harding), but would also somehow incriminate him?
It's anybody's guess what that would be, but fans on Reddit think it may have something to do with Ezra's ex-girlfriend Maggie's (Larisa Oleynik) son Malcolm, whom Ezra once believed was his own child. Redditor carpe-jvgvlvm believes that Aria switched the DNA evidence that revealed Ezra was Malcolm's father in order to save their relationship: Aria wasn't too keen on being a stepmother, and the pair did get back together once Maggie and Malcolm were out of the picture.
Shady? Hell, yes. However, I'm hoping that Aria doesn't care so much about her relationship with Aria that she is willing to put her friends on the chopping block so that she can live in marital bliss with her former high school teacher. That would be the ultimate betrayal: not only of the Liars, but of Aria as a character.

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