Aria Isn't So Innocent On Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars just went full-on Saw. A new sneak peek at season 7, episode 14 "Power Play" reveals that Aria (Lucy Hale) is next to play A.D.'s sinister board game — but could she have something to hide? And what does it have to do with Ezra (Ian Harding) going to jail? To quote Britney Spears, Aria is officially not that innocent.
While none of the Liars live on the moral high ground — I mean, they did bury a body after a hit and run rather than reporting the accident to the cops — it sounds like Aria might be hiding something from even her closest friends. In the new sneak peek, we see the mysterious A.D. (face hidden within the classic black hoodie) tell Aria that "Jessica DiLaurentis kept excellent records" — and that these records would definitely make Ezra pick his not-so-dead former girlfriend Nicole (Rebecca Breeds) over his former student. A.D. also tells Aria that should that happen, Nicole would be visiting Ezra in jail.
Aria's clearly freaked about whatever A.D. has on Aria — which is making me wonder just what Aria has to hide. It can't be anything about Dr. Rollins — Jessica (Andrea Parker) was dead and buried long before the Liars ever picked up those shovels.
In an interview with Hollywood Life, Hale revealed that we'll see a darker side of Aria this season — one that may even pit her against her BFFs:
"You’ll see a dark side of Aria," the actress teased to the website. "I was so excited because they finally gave Aria something really dark to do. So these last 10 episodes are my favorite, at least for Aria. You get to see a not so nice side of her. She may or may not betray her friends. So it was cool to get to do something a little different."
Some fans have long suspected Aria of being the mastermind behind the A game, and while that certainly seems like a stretch, I wouldn't be surprised if Aria knew something about Ezra that the Liars don't. One theory? That it's Ezra who is behind Jessica's death. We're finding out the answer to that seasons-long murder mystery in the very same episode, and it can't just be a coincidence. Ezra long suspected that Jessica was the woman torturing the Liars: perhaps he punished Jessica as a way to make amends with Aria — only to realize too late that Jessica wasn't A after all.
As with everything on PLL, answers only bring up more questions. Here's hoping that, whatever is going on with Aria in the new episode, it's juicy.

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