Nick Jonas Admits To Having An Ed Hardy Phase, Too

Photo: Marc Piasecki/WireImage/Getty Images.
Nick Jonas, the youngest JoBro and probably the most fashionable member of the former band, just made a fashion confession that's almost too embarrassing to cop to: He went through an Ed Hardy phase.
It would be tough to deny that fact, since there's this thing called the internet that documented every hairstyle, outfit, and purity ring that he and his brothers sported back in the day. The actor and singer revealed to Racked about his biggest fashion regret.
"I mean, I think we all had an Ed Hardy phase, where you had the hat, and the T-shirt, and the shoes — and the jeans, if you were lucky! Head to toe. Dark times. But we gotta go through the fire to come out knowing what to wear without looking insane."
All it takes is a quick Google search to find Nick in his self-described "dark times," which also included coordinating looks from his siblings. These days, Nick is probably glad to have those looks in the rear view, especially now that he's become something of a fashion plate. Just last week, he attended the Met Gala as the guest of fashion icon Ralph Lauren. At the event, he wore a dinner jacket with a bold geometric pattern and his signature smolder.
"I really care about fashion, and I've gotten to learn a lot about it," Nick says of his place in the fashion sphere. "And the more I learn, the more I want to learn — maybe to a point one day where I can either be involved in a campaign in some capacity, or even design something myself. We'll see!"
Nick's already dipping his toes into design. He just released a collection of headphones with Altec Lansing that feature rose gold finishes and soft leather. And as for a campaign? Let's hope that he follows in the footsteps of his big bro Joe. After all, that Jonas brother is certainly, ahem, making strides in his campaign for Guess.

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