People Are Convinced Harry Styles Wrote This Song About Taylor Swift

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Harry Styles has that James Dean, daydream look in his eyes — and now, possibly a new track about ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift on the former One Direction band member's self-titled solo album. That's what fans are saying, anyway — much like his "Blank Space" singer former love, Styles prefers to let his lyrics do the talking.
And talk they seemingly do. Many fans were convinced that Styles' track "Ever Since New York," which he debuted on Saturday Night Live, was secretly about the Manhattan-based songstress. It would make sense, at least in theory: Swift herself penned the song "Welcome To New York" for her album 1989. Now, however, Perez Hilton reports that fans are seeing alleged Swift references in the lyrics of his new song "Two Ghosts."
"Same lips red/same eyes blue/same white shirt/couple more tattoos/Tastes so sweet/Looks so real/Sounds like something that I used to feel"
"Red lips?" "Blue eyes?" Those are two traits that are definitely true for the lipstick-loving Swift. In fact, the singer even referenced her red lipstick in her song "Style," which was likely (and not-so-subtly) about Styles himself.
That track hasn't actually debuted yet, but if you pay close attention to this Apple Music video, you'll hear the song, which Styles plays on guitar beginning at the :08 second mark. You can also see the lyrics in the video written out in Styles' notebook if you pause it at just the right moment.
Of course, we won't know if the track is really about Swift unless Styles says it is. Considering how he responded when a fan asked whether the song "Sweet Creature" was about Louis Tomlinson during an interview with 106.1 BLI, however, I doubt we'll get a straightforward answer:
"I think if you really listen to the lyrics, I think you can work out if it's really about that or not," he told BLI about whether that track was really about his former One Direction bandmate. "And I would lean towards no."
Still, fans on Twitter are convinced this is Styles response to, well, "Style."
Styles' album drops on May 15. Feel free to speculate away.

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