This Sex & The City Parody Is Now Iconic

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On the latest installment of Jane The Virgin, our resident romance writer was asked to write a dating column for Cosmopolitan. Of course, that meant she couldn’t help but wonder… is she the Carrie Bradshaw of her family? Jane’s pondering led to a good parody of Sex And The City that eventually turned into an instantly iconic parody of Sex And The City.
There’s nothing Jane loves more than to drop into its titular heroine’s fantasy world. We’ve met her sex-obsessed alter ego, traveled back into the 1920s, and watched countless photos wink. At the top of season 3's “Chapter Sixty-Two,” Jane gets in touch with her inner Carrie, with her own version of the HBO comedy’s beloved title sequence. She’s got all the Bradshaw must-haves, from her “Jane” nameplate necklace to a bus with her face on it. Of course, that bus splashes Fantasy Jane and her high-heeled sandals, which is adorable and dreamy. Then we switch to Real Life Jane, who’s also splattered by a bus. This time it’s the worst, because Jane loves bringing us back to cold, hard, messy reality.
While this moment of SATC mockery is great, the unexpected girls' brunch later in the episode is something I would like played at my funeral. It’s ridiculously good. After a bad date with sexy telenovela star Fabian (Francisco San Martin), Jane returns to her Carrie-at-the-laptop persona to figure out if casual dating and sex is actually for her. That means it’s time to get some advice from her Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Cue a set change.
Instantly, we’re at the traditional SATC restaurant table with Jane complaining in a perfect Carrie lament, “As if dealing with momma’s boys isn’t enough, now we have to deal with grandmomma’s boys?” As the camera pulls out, we see Jane’s mom Xiomara wearing a Samantha Jones-approved leopard top, blonde wig, and Kentucky Derby-ready hat. Xio-as-Samantha advocates “screwing” Fabian before breaking up with him, but someone else has a very different opinion. That someone is Grandma Alba-as-Miranda (Ivonne Coll) in a shocking red wig and power blue power suit. Someone give this costume designer an Emmy right this minute.
“I think it sounds like you dodged a bullet,” Alba says, as Xio counters, “You’ve only dodged the bullet if the bullet is small.” This is where our Charlotte is introduced and it's none other than Jane’s dad Rogelio (Jaime Camil) in his tennis best and cradling a purse-sized dog. “Shh, Salma Hayek can’t be hearing these things,” he says, covering the dog’s ears. “She’s a lady.” Perfect. Everything is perfect.
By the end of “Chapter Sixty-Two,” Jane follows her inner Sex goddess, and has her first-ever casual fling in history after years of negative sex message via one crumpled white flower. Samantha would be proud — and so am I.
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