Jane The Virgin Season 3, Episode 18 Recap: "Chapter Sixty-Two"

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On tonight’s Jane the Virgin, I couldn’t help but wonder if Jane the Columnist would say, “I couldn’t help but wonder...” And she did. And while we don’t get any word on how Jane’s actual column turns out on Cosmopolitan (dot com!) we know that it’s ridden with love, sex, and danger, and a lot of Sex and The City references.
We don’t get much out of this episode, but Jane’s big step into the world of casual sex is a big one. And not just for her journey letting go of Michael. For her past haunted by flowers. I need to know her secret, because all those years of Catholic school still haunt me. And there wasn’t a flower hanging over my bed, or an Abuela in my house judging me.
Mateo’s storyline in this episode was welcome, though it did feel a little tacked on in an episode that was a little clunky. But that’s expected for a show like this. With only two episodes left, we need some filler before the finale. And if we’ve learned anything from Jane the Virgin, the finale will be well worth the wait. I didn’t expect Mateo to ask questions about his origin until he was much, much older. But here we are: Asshole parents at Mateo’s school called him artificial, and now he has nightmares. I would, too if I were Mateo. I just wouldn’t ask such good questions about where babies come from.
In “Chapter 62,” we also learned that Chuck isn’t a murderer -- he’s just a creep in love, and Petra’s either in love with Chuck, too, or she’s not into Rafael. Like, at all. Oh, and we also learned that our darling Narrator is a Miranda, which is something I can relate to myself.
It’s hard to feel bad about Petra’s light rejection of Rafael’s love for her. First of all, he has the ability to send text messages, and he left Petra a voicemail. It is 2017, and that’s one of the worst things you can do to a person. Secondly, he’s been flaky with her (and who he’s in love with) in the past. By now you probably know I’m #TeamRafael, and that scene with Jane and Mateo? I think that’s definitely a sign we need to see Rafael and Jane together again. Will he flake on Petra as usual and realize his feelings were actually for Jane? Will he channel his feelings for Petra into an affair with Jane that ultimately leads to them falling in love with each other again and Mateo getting his dream of living with the both of them? A girl can dream.
Elon Musk’s friend Rogelio seemed to be having a good week -- he got to hold three different dogs, and he gets to plan the wedding of his dreams with Jane’s approval -- until the awkward tonal shift (that never happened on Sex and The City, ever!) when it was revealed someone’s watching him. Who could it be? Is his stalker back? Is Bruce out to get revenge, and get Xo back? Probably not, but that would be fun. But Bruce is a decent guy, so in this world, we can’t trust him.
This week we get a little less of Xo and Abuela. But it was really sweet to see Xo and Rogelio defer their wedding for Jane. But it’s been three years since Michael’s death (and definitely not only three months), and they have to let her go. Because she’s totally let her guilt go, thanks to Xo’s excellent advice: go sleep with the hot telenovela star!
I really wanted the episode to end on the actual sketch from Chuck’s description, but as a #TeamRafael person, I dream too big in every aspect of this show and my life. I think our best bet is definitely Rose, which would be incredibly shocking for Rafael and Petra, who’ve assumed her dead for years now.
Side note: I will admit that I never really watched Sex and The City, I just watched some episodes sporadically and never got that into it. But I can tell you that because I’m a writer and my name is Carrie and I own shoes, everyone thinks I’m a Carrie. But I think, like Abuela and Narrator, I’m a Miranda. That scene was so great, and Xo was spot on as Samantha.
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