Your Self-Care Playlist For Mother's Day Weekend

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When you think of Mother's Day, music might not be the first thing that comes to mind. The holiday tends to evoke breakfast in bed, spa days, and general family love. But there's no reason music can't be a part of your day, too.
Ahead of Mother's Day, we've teamed up with Allison Zatarain, general manager of Instant Records, to put together a special playlist for the holiday. Each of these songs has a special connection to the feeling of familial love that so many of our moms have instilled in us over the years.
The first five songs are featured in Zatarain's Instant Love project, in which female artists cover classic love songs originally performed by men. Instant Records is releasing a new track each week as part of the project, which is available to stream on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Napster. In addition to the five Instant Love songs that have been released so far, Zatarain gave us some other tunes she finds empowering for moms and their children.
Zatarain tells Refinery29 that she wanted the first group of Instant Love songs to address "universal love." She looked for songs that weren't overtly sexual, so that it would be up to the listener to decide who and what they were about.
"I'm really fascinated by lyrics that could be interpreted in different ways," Zatarain says. "There's so many different types of songs out there, but ones that are about taking care of you, or loving you, or being there for you, it's really up to the listener to apply that to their own life."
With that in mind, here are the songs Zatarain recommends for capturing that parent-child bond.
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