Bradley Cooper Deserves An Oscar For His Rocket Performance

Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios.
After first seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, I couldn't stop thinking about how adorable Baby Groot was and how weird it was that the tiny tree was voiced by Vin Diesel. The Fast and the Furious actor brought to life the most adorable action character of all time and, arguably gave the most niche performance of his career. But now, it has come to my attention that Bradley Cooper also perfectly emulates the essence of his rude and resourceful rodent Guardians of the Galaxy character, Rocket — perhaps even better than the sensitive Diesel as Groot. After seeing a video of Cooper in the studio perfectly manifesting Rocket's jerky mannerisms, tense expressions, and overall gruff delivery of scorching one-liners, I have a new favorite Guardian. If you don't believe me, or can't imagine why Cooper bringing to life this sarcastic assassin is so damn fun to watch, then just check it out for yourself in the video below.
You'll see the 42-year-old actor hooked up to some machinery to bring his body movements to life as the CGI animated character. And he's really, really good. Just wait for him to scream "MATUUREEEE." It's truly something, and I never ever thought I would say this, but damn this guys needs an award for his Rocket performance, stat.
This has got to be the most passionate portrayal of a raccoon character in the history of film: Bradley Cooper literally is Rocket the raccoon.
That's some method acting right there. Way to go, Coop.
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