Is The MTV Movie & TV Awards' Red Carpet Canceled?

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images.
If you're watching MTV's livestream right now, you might be confused by the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Instead of red carpet interviews, MTV's live channel has been showing its hosts conducting indoor interviews in a less-than-ideal space.
So far, we've seen All Time Low and Zara Larsson perform on the outdoor stage. The crowd looked like they were enjoying the performances, though they were wearing those giant plastic rain ponchos you only buy in the case of a severe weather emergency. (Not. Cute.) All Time Low joked that it was hailing during their set. Larsson, meanwhile, seemed less bothered — and, for the record, her "Shape of You" cover might just have been better than Ed Sheeran's original.
Before going onstage, Larsson talked to MTV about the awards show ahead. When asked about Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, Larsson said that she was "more of a Game of Thrones person," as if fans could only like one show or the other. She did say she loved Netflix's Stranger Things, though. The conversation went on longer than it needed to — to audiences at home, it looked like MTV was trying to stall while figuring out what to do about the weather situation.
Luckily, MTV's livestream hosts were back outside after Larsson's performance to catch up with Noah Cyrus. And as Twitter has noted, plenty of celebrities are still showing up on the red carpet, even if MTV isn't airing it. So the red carpet isn't totally cancelled, though most of the livestream's onscreen interviews weren't featured on it. (MTV's livestream also showed several shots of an empty red carpet throughout the pre-show.)
It looked like the weather was still causing issues after Larsson's performance — a different MTV host interviewed Millie Bobby Brown indoors. And Shay Mitchell was in the indoor space, too. If MTV is going to finish the awards' pre-show inside, they should probably move to a different location. There are plenty of people walking around in the background, which makes it a far cry from a red carpet.
Naturally, Twitter had plenty of opinions about the weather's effects on the show.
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