I Used Baby Beauty Products For 30 Days — & This Is What Happened

Photography by Rachel Cabitt.
Newborns have a few things going for them: They can poop, cry, and scream and still be oohed and ahhed over. Their heads always smell really ridiculously good (we definitely can't say the same about our scalp after three days of dry shampoo). And, most importantly, they have baby skin.
For grown ups, "baby skin" is the goal. We know we'll never get back to the days of a completely blackhead-free nose, but perhaps we can have some of the soft, smooth, zit-free plumpness. The thing is, in our quest to achieve that skin, we usually turn to lasers and acidic peels and harsh scrubs — stuff we'd never in a million years dream of using on a six-month-old.
But what if the secret is to actually treat your complexion with the same care you'd give a hypersensitive baby's? As someone with reactive, fussy, 20-something skin, I decided to test the theory using the newest baby lines from Dove, Burt's Bees, Cetaphil, and more.
I swapped my floral-scented face creams and antiperspirant for fragrance-free lotions and diaper wipes for 30 days. (However, I didn't give up makeup, even though I know — with the exception of this one — that babies don't generally wear mascara.) So what happened? Find out in the slides ahead.

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