Riverdale's Lili Reinhart Just Schooled A Body Shamer On Twitter

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You'd think internet users would know better than to body-shame celebrities by now. But trolls will be trolls, so here we are.
When a Twitter user made the mistake of criticizing Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart for her food choices, the star was not having it.
The Twitter user who criticized Reinhart has already deleted the account, @50shadesdemi. Just Jared recorded the tweets, though — they're definitely body-shaming, and totally uncalled for.
Apparently, @50shadesdemi decided to point out that if you type "Lili Reinhart" into Google, one of the first autofill suggestions is "Lili Reinhart body."
"On google when u type Lili Reinhart, 'Lili Reinhart body' is one of the main searches. Please start being healthy," the Twitter user reportedly wrote. "I love you but I also can't stand to see you look so unhealthy and be happy with it. It'll out shine your talent."
Elle also has a screengrab of a tweet in which the user tells Reinhart, "I just don't want your talent to be overshadowed by your weight."
The actress had a perfect response, tweeting, "Thank you so much for being concerned about my weight, I'll respond later after I finish my double cheeseburger." Mic. Drop.
Reinhart's Riverdale character, Betty Cooper, has experienced body image issues on the show. In the show's pilot, Betty tells Veronica she didn't make the cheerleading squad the year before because Cheryl called her "too fat." Specifically, Kevin explains, Betty was "too season five Betty Draper," according to the Vixens leader. The audience is left with the impression that Cheryl's words really hurt Betty. But as a sophomore, she has no problem standing up to Cheryl and even makes the cheerleading squad, too. And it looks like Reinhart is just as tough as her character IRL — minus the Dark Betty vibes.
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