Yes, People Are In Fact Using Their Phones As Blending Palettes

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The latest beauty hack has makeup artists and junkies alike reaching for their phones. And no, it isn’t to try out a new makeup app, or to use the front-facing camera as a mirror while applying lipstick. People are flipping over their iPhones to use the back as a palette for mixing foundation.
For anyone who’s ever experienced the trauma of spilling anything on their iPhone only to have to replace it soon after, this is a frightening idea. Personally I can’t say I’ll be testing out this trick anytime soon. However, for Jake Warden, a 15-year-old aspiring makeup artist, the back of his shiny iPhone is the perfect tool for squeezing and blending liquid makeup prods.
As noted by Teen Vogue, this was initially seen as a “silly teen thing,” yet now several makeup artists have followed in Warden’s footsteps. On another account, one makeup artist noted that she first cleaned her phone before using it. After testing the hack and posting it online, one user, Kiki of @spottedstyleblog received so many negative replies that she had to turn her comments off.
Clearly these commenters are thinking what many of us are thinking: GROSS. After all, it’s a widely known fact that our phones are pretty disgusting.
"We touch them all day long, throw them on the ground, have them in our bags — they're just extensively exposed to the environment, so that makes for a fair amount of bacterial growth," said Michelle Barron, MD, to Refinery29. Barron is an associate professor of infectious diseases at the University of Colorado.
Needless to say if you’re going to try this at home, disinfect your phone with a few wipes and squeeze with caution.

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