Zayn Malik Called Out After Attempted Good Deed

Zayn Malik learned the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished.
The ex-Directioner and current Gigi Hadid-dater posted a link to his mom's best friend's GoFundMe and was met with more or less immediate scorn and derision. She isn't asking an exorbitant amount (around $155,000), but it's still significant.
His tweet garnered almost 26,000 RTs, 54,000 favs, and 2,300 replies, many of which were angry.
The angry replies poured in.
Ayesha Daniels, Malik's mother's close friend, came to Zayn's defense on the page.
“I asked my 'nephew' Zayn Malik to drum up some publicity for me, by way of highlighting my page and illness via Twitter. This has had an adverse effect for him as the spiteful trolls are attacking him for his kindness. Never, ever would I ask him for financial help in any way, and I wouldn't want it any other way. My request was for him to enlighten the public of my sad plight and he did exactly as I asked. So come on all you trolls, give him a break please and let's just get on with the fundraising."
Her condition sounds legitimately heartbreaking. She's battling extremely advanced cancer and sees only a single treatment offering hope.
"However, after extensive research again I have one last hope," she wrote. "ChemoThermia in Istanbul. This clinic offers to treat patients with stage four cancer like myself. They offer metabolically supported chemotherapy alongside other alternative treatments, that are not as harsh on the body or the immune system. Eg: whole brain radiation, hyperthermia, hyperbaric oxygen, vitamin C infusions, ketogenic diet and supplements. In a recent study, 82% of patients survived for 3 1/2 years.THIS COULD BE ME! We have searched, and not another place in the world, can offer me anything close to this. So please help me to stay with my daughter for much longer."
Daniels has pledged that, should her prognosis come back bad, she'd donate the money to another person battling cancer. If you'd like to donate, click here.

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