Amy Schumer Loves Tipping Big & Here's Why

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Amy Schumer loves leaving big tips for people because she's a nice person. She broke down her proclivity for leaving large amounts of money for the people who serve her in restaurants during an appearance on Howard Stern's Sirius XM show on Wednesday. Schumer said that her tipping practices started because she "worked in the service industry for 10 years."
Stern quizzed her if her practice of leaving big tips was because of "rich guilt."
“I feel fine about having money,” she said. “I take care of my family, my friends. I think I might feel guilty about having money if I wasn’t giving. It’s because it does make me feel great and I feel like I have no other choice."
She's not lying about tipping big. Last March she dropped an additional $1,000 on a $77 tab at Hamilton on Broadway.
For me, when I was living in a studio in Astoria, if somebody left me $1,000, that would change my month,” she said of the experience to Stern.
$1,000 isn't even the biggest she's ever tipped someone. In another notable incident, she bought a $2,000 mattress because a store employee let her use the bathroom when others wouldn't.
“Other places were like ‘no,’” she said of the experience. “But this woman, she was just sweet. You know when you just see someone and you’re like ‘I just love you.’ I said ‘I’d like to buy it for you.’ She didn’t recognize me or anything. And then I saw that it became like news.”
She wishes other rich people would do similar things.
“Are people with money not doing stuff like this?” she asked. “I think they should do more, because you’ll feel better. And then they’ll do that for someone else, you hope.”

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