College Students Have A Racist "Cinco de Drinko" Party

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Despite signs that the “kids are all alright,” that relief is immediately turned on its head when a few bad seeds hit college age. Sheesh. What is it about college?
According to Dallas News, Baylor University’s Kappa Sigma fraternity chapter has been suspended after photos surfaced on Twitter of their “Cinco de Drinko" party.
In the photos, students from the Waco, Texas-based college dressed up as maids and construction workers. Some students reportedly chanted “build that wall” and painted their faces brown. A Baylor spokesman disputed the last fact, saying the university had no actual proof of brownface occurring.
The Baylor Lariat also reported that students wore sombreros and serapes to the frat party.
Students around the campus protested on Monday, demanding their administration take a more aggressive approach toward diversifying the campus. In an interview with the Baylor Lariat, Grace Rodriguez, a sophomore at Baylor spoke out during the protest.
“My dad is a painter and my mom, she cleans offices for a living. She doesn’t do it because you know, cleaning is great. She does it because she wants something better for me.”
Several students chimed in with personal tales and vocalized outrage about the cultural climate of the university.
Hundreds of students and protest organizers also demanded Baylor put forth more effort to hire a diverse faculty and staff “sanctions against the fraternity and the creation of a multicultural cabinet through student government,” according to the Baylor Lariat.
Black and brownface incidents happening at colleges and universities is nothing new. In fact it’s sadly become such a common occurrence that an entire Netflix series was based around it.
If this incident sounds eerily familiar then perhaps you too binge-watched, Dear White People, which recently which debuted last Friday. The series is centered around a blackface-themed frat party, which triggered protest throughout the campus.
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