Since When Does The Met Gala Have More PDA Than A High School Prom?

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic.
Now, I'm all about the Met Gala because I love celebrities, fancy clothes, and witnessing the wicked brilliance of Anna Wintour. This year, however, there was a special extra element added to the glitz and glamour of the famous event . No, I'm not talking about the abundance of Instagram Husbands (which was a treat). Or even the illegal bathroom selfie. I'm talking about the coming out party for three major celebrity couples: Selena Gomez and The Weekend (Abel Tesafaye), Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky (Rakim Mayers), and Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez). Side note: Single guys, get yourself a good nickname.
I don't know if it's the flash of the photographer's lights, or the buzzy excitement surrounding the Metropolitan Museum of Art itself, or the pressure to seem like a fresh, new, blissful couple, but each of these duos really did the most in terms of PDA. On a night where we're usually most excited to see the roundups of the wildest behind-the-scene moments or the wildest outfits, this year we were given the gift of love.
Let's see see the best PDA-packed moments from our the love birds of the Met Gala.

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