The Twitter Reactions To One Man's Horrible Sunburn Are Fire

This is the story of an epic sunburn. It's a tale as old as time, but this instance revolves around one man named Stephen Campbell. Given that he's the sports writer for the betting website Odds Shark, we assume he has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, hockey... you get the picture.
What Campbell does not seem to know about, however, is sunscreen. The guy recently got a ridiculously bad sunburn, but unlike we would have, didn't go into hiding out of deep shame and regret. No, instead, he took to Twitter to deliver a PSA.
"I was supposed to play 1 game of softball yesterday," he wrote. "Ended up playing 3. You could say today hasn't been ideal. Wear your sunscreen, kids."
The internet loved it, to say the least. Probably because we have all woken up in Stephen Campbell's red, painful, burning shoes the morning after a hot day at one point. People flooded his feed with supportive comments ("this is so painful to me," one user wrote; another said, "I've been there"), and then, of course, came the memes.
Campbell is taking it all in good humor, too. "I wouldn't have tweeted it if I didn't want people to laugh. It's all I can do now," he tweeted. You know what they say: If you can't handle the heat, make sure you apply lots and lots of sunscreen before stepping in it.

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