Chris Pratt Is A Mainsplainer, Mansplains Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt's taking his time in the sun while on the publicity circuit for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. We can't complain; almost everything Pratt says is delightful. Even when he's explaining why he won't take pictures with fans, he manages to be positive and relatable.
Since he transitioned into action stardom with the original Guardians of the Galaxy, he's become something of a sex symbol. Of course, his relationship with wife Anna Faris is one of the best things about his star persona. His opinions, though, prove that Pratt is sometimes not woke.
He seems to know his shortcomings; he recently told BuzzFeed he can be a bit of a mansplainer.
"My guess is, and [my wife] would never tell me this, but I think I'm a mansplainer. Every once in a while I'll say, 'Oh — was I just mansplaining just now?' And she goes, 'No, honey.'"
Pratt also breaks down why you shouldn't leave food out around him; he'll eat it right off your plate.
"I finish my food real fast because I grew up in, like, a prison family. There was never enough seconds for everyone so you always had to finish first so you could get the seconds. And then the next thing I do is I just start looking at Anna's food, and then I just reach over and start taking food off of her plate but she doesn't say anything, and I feel like it might really bother her. My son is just like her, but not conditioned to be so sweet. So when I start taking it he goes, 'Dad! That's my food! You just ate my food, dad!' I'm like, 'Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't even notice I was doing it. Sorry, son.'"
Damn, that's ice cold, Star Lord. Watch the rest of his interview here.

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