Behati Prinsloo On Wearing (& Slaying In) Topshop At The Met Gala

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When it comes to Met Gala getups, both the designers behind the gowns and the dresses themselves tend to be strictly of the aspirational variety. Not that we're complaining, since the event serves some of the most jaw-dropping, fashion-as-pure-fantasy celebrity moments we see all year. But we can certainly appreciate when a label we actually shop at on the regular crops up on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's step-and-repeat. We're not talking about the kinds of designers you save up (for a while) to be able to wear, either: Yes, there is, indeed, fast fashion on the Met Gala red carpet — again! — courtesy of Topshop.
Fast fashion might not have much to do with the theme, which is a retrospective of designer Rei Kawakubo's work (the museum's corresponding exhibit is called "Commes des Garçons: Art of the In-Between"). But it's always fascinating to see what well-represented brands in our closets like Topshop whip up for the big night. This year, Behati Prinsloo was dressed by the British chain, in a fitted, pale pink look with a delicate, strappy neckline. It's not Prinsloo's first time at the glitziest red carpet around; she was there in 2015, wearing this black velvet Tommy Hilfiger number and bucking that whole "no selfie" rule to make this epic supermodel-splashed bathroom mirror shot happen (more on that later). Below, Prinsloo fills us in on her look for the evening and more, and click through for some behind-the-scenes glimpses of the model's dress in progress.
Why is going to the Met Ball, again, important to you career-wise?
"The Met is like the Oscars for fashion, so attending and experiencing it all feels like a dream. It's a night built around fashion and creativity that's incredible to be part of."
How does the Met Gala feel like a different event to dress for and attend, versus other major red carpets?
"Other major red carpets usually have something else behind them, like a movie premiere or an award show. The Met is purely to celebrate fashion, so what and who you're wearing is a big deal. It's an exciting night where people can really experiment with fashion. This year will be exceptionally amazing."
Tell us about your look for tonight!
"I absolutely love my dress. It was a nice collaboration with the designers at Topshop. It's uber chic: I'm in love with the color, and the intricate details are exceptional."
You took an epic supermodel bathroom selfie when you went to the Met Gala in 2015. How did you make that awesome shot happen?
"That picture honestly just happened spontaneously, but that bathroom is the place to be! I literally walked in and the girls and Alex [Wang] were just standing there, hanging out, having conversations, so of course I jumped right in and got that epic shot."
Do you have a highly-photogenic stunt in store for this year's event?
"You will have to stay tuned for this year! I can’t give away all the surprises yet."
What're your thoughts on Rei Kawakubo’s legacy, and how have you been impacted by her work?
"Rei Kawakubo [inspires me] to always be an individual, no matter what occasion you are dressing for. Everything she does, from clothing to fragrance to stores, seems to come from the future, and doesn’t follow any rules.
"Rei Kawakubo’s use of the color black as a style, not an expression of mourning has had a powerful impact on the fashion industry. I like that Rei Kawakubo dares to be different and always take risks. Being kept on my toes is a special thing these days."
How does wearing Topshop, a fast-fashion brand, to the biggest event on the fashion calendar say something about accessible fashion?
"I love that The Met Ball is the biggest event on the fashion calendar. The museum is such an amazing institution, from the Hatshepsut statues, which were some of the first female rulers in history, to Vincent van Gogh’s 'Irises,' it represents so many important moments in history. Because of the funds raised by the Met Ball, people all over the world can come visit the Met and enjoy these priceless works of art. Topshop’s prices make fashion and style enjoyable for everyone as well."
Aside from all-important Met Gala matters, we've got to tell you: we love those adorable matching anklets you and Dusty Rose have. Do you have other mother-daughter pieces?
"Our matching anklets are everything. We have been so lucky to receive matching outfits, shoes, and handbags. I can’t wait till Dusty is a bit older so we can rock our matching looks together!"

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