Watch Out *NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys Have Their Own May Meme

Photo: Brian Rasic/Getty Images.
The month of May is a very special time. It's a time of May flowers, May birthdays (ahem, my own), and May memes. You know the meme — it's of Justin Timberlake with the words "IT'S GONNA BE MAY" printed around a '90s still shot of him dancing in his *NSYNC days. The meme is a nod to his boy band's hit, "It's Gonna Be Me," but with a twist to make it say "May" instead. It's clever and overused, and apparently causes for a spike in the group's YouTube traffic. Timberlake himself, along with member Lance Bass, both approve of the viral meme and have no shame in sharing it at the beginning of the month, year after year.
But now, The Backstreet Boys want in. Or, one could say — they're back! (Get it?) And they want their own May meme. The group debuted their meme on their Twitter feed, and you can't help but notice the purposeful similarities between Timberlake's and the BSB's Nick Carter in the image. They're both really, really old pictures of the blonde heartthrob frontman of the group, and they're both mid-lyric. The likeness, paired with the band's choice of emojis, make me believe that the meme is all in good fun, but who doesn't love a good boy band feud? I know I sure do.
BSB decided to go with a lyric from their 1997 classic, "As Long As You Love Me" altering the hook line to "AS LONG AS YOU LOVE MAY." Brilliant move, guys.
Fans loved it, and then even made their own versions.
And here's the *NYSYNC one.
Now, in their honor, I think it's necessary to watch each of the respective videos.
Happy May, y'all.

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