Your Internet Boyfriend Oscar Isaac Is A Dad Now

Sorry, Oscar Isaac stans, but you're one big step further from casually bumping into your Internet boyfriend at a movie premiere, falling madly in love, and spending your days recreating the disco dancing scene in Ex Machina together.
Dude's not only got a pretty badass filmmaker girlfriend, but they just welcomed a baby, too. He's busy.
While the actor, currently starring in The Promise, has yet to officially confirm the arrival of his first child, it doesn't take a detective to work this one out. In late March, news broke that the Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor and his longtime partner, director Elvira Lind, were expecting a baby. On April 21, the couple attended the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Lind's latest documentary, Bobbi Jene.
The film, about a professional dancer, ended up winning the festival's award for Best Documentary Feature a few days later. A little hiccup prevented her from accepting the prize in person, however: childbirth. Lind can be seen cradling her newborn baby in a video message she made for the festival explaining her absence.
"If I could, I would be dancing, jumping up and down probably all week long," the new mother shared.
Lind later took to Twitter to share her thoughts on her whirlwind week.
"...what a week it has been," the Danish director tweeted. "A little lost for words."
She and Isaac have not yet divulged the name of their newborn. Poe Dameron's alter ego recently confirmed to Sway in the Morning that they were having a son. He also revealed that he spoke to his child in utero, barking "hey, baby" into Lind's stomach.
There you have it. Bae is a daddy. Maybe see what Riz Ahmed and Dev Patel are up to?

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